whimsy and madness

where whimsy and madness dance with nonsense

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For the whimsical, the mad, the mysterious and all things nonsensical.

Whimsy and Madness

This community welcomes all things whimsical, beautiful, mad, mysterious or fantastic. We don't critique posts, or try to sell wares. It isn't necessary to post in this community, lurking is welcome. We are an open community and all posts are viewable by any livejournal user.


General Rules:
~ kindness is key, be friendly ~
~ keep the rating 14+ ~
~ large photos, long posts or videos belong behind an lj cut ~
~ no solicitation of any sort (no "ads" or "for sale" posts) ~

Acceptable Posts:
~ sharing everyday beauty in the form of stories and photography ~
~ recommendations of authors, movies, books, artists, vendors etc. ~
~ tutorials for crafts ~
~ sharing your own prose, art, crafts etc ~

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules of this community, or for a more detailed list of rules with explanations, please visit the rules post before contacting the maintainer.

Introduction Posts

Introductions are not required, but we would like to get to know you! Here is a form that you can fill out if you would like. Answer as few or as many questions as you'd like...or post an introduction of your own!


Every month this community will have three separate themes. Members have the option of using one, two or all three for inspiration. Posts do not have to follow a theme.

July ~ butterflies, hats, desserts
August ~ carnivals/theme parks, lace, mirrors
September ~ rainbows, seashore, candy
October ~ masquerade, antiques, bones

November ~ high heels, wine, pearls
December ~ candles, victoriana, lockets

Feel free to suggest a theme by contacting the maintainer, Amelia (seraphsong) by e-mail seraphsong @ livejournal.com

How To...
~ use an lj cut ~ post images ~ post videos ~

Other FAQ
~ communities ~ livejournal scrapbook ~ conflicts with other users ~


Maintainer seraphsong
e-mail seraphsong @ livejournal.com
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The maintainer (seraphsong) reserves the right to alter the above information (including, but not limited to, rules, community access and/or joining criteria) at any time as she deems necessary. The maintainer also reserves the right to ban troublesome people without notice or a "second chance".